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What to Bring or Do Before Your Eye Exam Appointment
We assume you would like the best care possible, in the most efficient manner possible.  We have listed some things which you can bring, or do, to accomplish that goal with any optometrist or eye doctor.  The information regarding contact lens users is important, if you wear contacts and are visiting an optometrist or eye doctor for the first time. 
All Patients 
  • Medical and Vision Insurance cards.
  • Your current eyeglasses, especially if you're over 40 years old.  We'll tell you why during the exam. 
Contact Lens Wearers
  • Your current contact lens boxes (or foil coverings).  
  • To obtain the most accurate prescription for eyeglasses, please don't sleep in your lenses for 3-4 nights before the day of your exam.  Sleeping in contacts causes corneal swelling (edema) and may result in a less than accurate glasses Rx.


  • Computer Prescriptions and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)
    • If you are 50 years or older you may have problems seeing the computer screen with your dest distance Rx or bifocal and may require a Computer Prescription which is a dedicated prescription for computer/desk work.  You may need a Computer Rx if you have to tilt your head back, therefore using the bifocal portion of your lens, to see the monitor.  Please measure the distance from your eyes to the monitor if this is an issue.  You'll be more comfortable having a Computer Rx, than visiting your Medical Doctor with a complaint of constant cervical neck pain due to to tilting your head back to see the the monitor.

    Doing the above allows us to give you better and more efficient care.