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When Referring Your Athlete for Routine Eye Exam or Medical Treatment 
  • Before Exam, Ask April to fax us information about medical or vision insurance that the Athlete may have.
  • Remind Athlete and/or accompanying Trainer to Bring Authorization Form.
  • If we have not seen your Athlete before, please have them bring their current boxes (or foil coverings) so we may identify their current contact lens Rx and brand.
General Information for Trainers
Most of your Athletes will have good vision and will not require any vision correction.  When an Athlete requires vision correction, contact lenses are the best choice for many reasons.
Protective Recommendations for Athletic Contact Lens Wearers
As an Athletic Trainer, the most important thing you can do to protect the Athlete who uses contact lenses is to recommend that they should not sleep in their contact lenses. 
Most contact lens related emergencies we see result from patients sleeping in contacts. The risk of eye injury (corneal ulcer, keratitis, abrasion) increases by 20 fold when patients sleep in contacts.  The symptoms include eye pain and blurry vision.  If your Athlete wears contacts, please recommend and remind that they should not sleep while wearing contact lenses. 
Allergic Sensitivities to Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solutions
This is a very common issue with contact lens wearers.  If your Athlete presents with red eyes and discomfort, ask if they have changed their solution in the last 1-3 months.  That could be the problem.  We discuss this in Silicone Hydrogel Lenses
Insertion and Removal of Soft Contact Lenses
We provide an instructional session on insertion and removal for Athletes being fit with contacts the first time and remain available to re-instruct when needed.  However, it benefits a Training Staff for someone to be knowledgeable of insertion and removal of contacts.
Below, are some links that instruct new wearers on insertion and removal of contacts.
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James Dugas, OD
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1000 W. 39th St., Austin. Tx 78756