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Self Pay (When You Have No Insurance) Discount/Coupon for Eye Exams and Contact Lens Exams 
For Appointments, Call the Eye Doctor's Office at 458-5400.
When scheduling appointment, please tell our staff you found this offer on Dr. Dugas' website.
Help us deliver more efficient care, new contact lens patients to our practice are asked to bring their boxes so we may identify your current brand and prescription.  If you routinely sleep in your contact lenses and need a glasses Rx, please do not sleep in your contacts for 3-4 days prior to exam.

 Routine Eye Exam, Eyeglasses Rx, and Eye Health Check-Up  $79.00   (Reg $99.00)

Includes eye health testing for eye pressure (glaucoma), cataracts, macular degeneration, and prescription for eyeglasses if needed.  Dilated retinal exam is included when medically indicated or desired by patient. This exam also serves as contact lens consultation to determine whether you need a regular (spherical) soft lens or a toric (for astigmatism) soft lens.  Glaucoma screening with GDX ($20.00) is recommended for patients with a family history of glaucoma. 


 Medical Office Visit   $45.00   (Reg $65.00)

For diagnosis and treatment of pink-eye, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcer, keratitis, foreign body removal, etc.  The more common conditions we see in contact lens users are allergic reactions to disinfecting solutions (keratitis) and corneal ulcers resulting from sleeping in contacts.  Does not include medication if prescribed.



Regarding the Contact Lens Exam Coupons Below

All contact lens exams for new patients include Routine Eye Exam above.  Exams include care kit and one or more pair of trial lenses for you to evaluate comfort and clarity of the brand until your Rx is finalized to your satisfaction.


 Annual Contact Lens Exam for Current Wearers   $129.00   (Reg $149.00)

For current users of regular, spherical lenses.  Includes changing to a different spherical brand if needed to increase comfort or clarity.  Applies to Former and New patients. New patients to the Doctor should bring their boxes so we may identify their brand and Rx.


 Contact Lens Exam and Fitting for First Time Wearers  $139.00   (Reg $159)

For regular, spherical lenses.  Includes insertion and removal training and supplies.  Incudes changes to a different spherical brand if needed to increase comfort or clarity.


 Soft Toric Lens For Astimatism Exam and Fitting  $149.00   (Reg $169.00)

Specialty exam procedure (Complex) for soft lenses for astigmatism.  Applies to patients when their astigmatism amount does not allow good vision with a spherical soft lens.  Compare to Lenscrafters or Pearle Vision Spceialty Exams at $189.00.


 Soft Bifocal, Multi-Focal or Monovision Exam and Fitting for Presbyopia   $149.00   (Reg $169.00)

Specialty exam procedure (Complex) for soft lenses for presbyopia which is the need for reading glasses.  Compare to Lenscrafters or Pearle Vision Speceialty Exams at $189.00.


All exams include consultation and follow-up care for 90 days with our commitment to your 100% satisfaction.  Dilated retinal exams may be done at a separate visit at no additional charge.  Routine eye exams for new patients include tests and diagnosis of refractive condition in accordance with Sec 351.353 of Texas Optometry Act, and do not include medical treatment. Purchases of eyewear or contact lenses require a current prescription by an optometrist or ophthalmologist.  Offers may not be combined with other offers or insurance.  Offers may not be retroactive.