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James Dugas, OD and Associates

Optometrists in Austin Texas
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Optometrist  Eye Exam  Eyeglasses  Contact Lens Exam  Contact Lenses  Eye Care  Medical Eyecare  Austin Texas Tx 
1000 W. 39 th St. Austin  Texas 78756
Telephone (512) 458-5400

What to do:
The best way to schedule an appointment is to call 512-458-5400 and talk with our staff.
You can complete online forms which eliminate the need of completing paper forms at the time of your appointment.
You can help your Optometrist deliver more efficient care.


Our Services: Eye Exams for Contact Lenses, Eyeglasses and Medical Treatment

Our Services


Eye Exams for Eyeglass Prescriptions and Contact Lenses

Our Eye Doctors are Therapeutic Optometrists.  We diagnose and treat refractive and optical conditions of the eye such as myopia (nearsighted), hyperopia (farsighted), astigmatism, presbyopia, binocular vision problems, and Computer Vision Syndrome requiring the need of specially designed computer prescriptions.
Eye Exams and Medical Treatment
We diagnose and treat eye diseases such as red, pink, or painful eyes, eye infections, eye pain, ocular allergies, dry eye syndrome, corneal abrasions, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments and others. 
What To Bring To Your Eye Exam Appointment
You can help us deliver more efficient care.  If you're a New or Former contact lens patient to our practice, please bring your contact lens boxes to your exam so we can verify what you are currently using ... What To Bring.
How to Get the Best Optical Prescription 
Have you ever had an eye exam and felt that your prescription may not be accurate because you could not tell the difference between lenses or answer the question of which lens is better?  The basic idea is that we want to find the endpoint where you can't tell a difference and you have no preference.  Here's some information that may make your exam easier for you, read ... How To Get The Best Optical Prescription.
Contact Lens Exams and Fittings
Our doctors and staff are knowledgable in the various materials and fitting techniques to help you achieve the most physically and visually accurate fit, whether it be for astigmatism, bifocal, multi-focal, monovision, or special lenses for dry eyes.  The most recent change and innovation are ... Silicone Hydrogel Lenses.  


Eye Exam Services for Medical Treatment
Common conditions we treat are eye infections, corneal ulcers resulting from sleeping in contacts, removal of foreign bodies from the cornea and eye, abrasions, and allergic or toxic reactions to contact lens solutions and commonly used products in the home or workplace ... see Clinical Photos.  We also offer annual diabetic eye exams and pre and post operative care for Laser Eye Surgery.
Latisse Presciptions
Our optometrists and eye doctors provide prescriptions for Latisse which has been FDA Approved to grow eyelashes thicker, longer, and darker.  To receive a prescription for Latisse, please schedule an office visit with our doctors for a "Latisse Prescription".  To learn more about Latisse, visit ...



Contact Lens Services, Contact Lens Exams, and Contact Lens Fittings

Contact Lens Exam and Fitting Services
Include contact lens evaluations, fittings, prescriptions and annual exams for Rx renewal for all types of contact lenses including all brands of regular (spherical) disposable contacts, toric for astigmatism, aspheric for astigmatism, bifocals, and monovision.  Exams include a trial pair of lenses so you can evaluate the prescription and comfort of the brand before purchasing boxes.  All eye exams for contact lenses include free follow-up care and consultation for 90 days as part of our commitment to you.
Contact Lens Supply Services ... Free Shipping and Online
We offer competetive pricing on all brands including Acuvue, Bausch & Lomb, Biomedics, Ciba Vision, FreshLook, and Coopervision.  We carry most brands in-office as individual lenses so after an exam you can walk out with a pair of lenses to evaluate comfort and clarity.  You may order replacement lenses by calling our office or order from our online service ... Order Contacts Online.  



Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses

Are the most recent innovation in Contact Lenses.  They allow more oxygen to the cornea and have become the standard of care.  However, there are things you should know when being refit to Silicone Hydrogel Lenses ... see Silicone Hydrogel Lenses


Allergies and Sensitivities to Disinfecting Solutions and Wetting Agents

Are a common occurrence with contact lens wearers.  The right combination of solution and contact lens polymer is what you want to find.  We discuss this in ...Silicone Hydrogel LensesWe use Dr. Andrasko's staining grid to help select the proper solution and diagnose incompatibilites between solutions and contact lens polymers.



Optical, Eyeglasses, and Eyewear Services
We offer eye glasses, eye wear and eyeglass frames from over a hundred leading designers from around the world such as Aspex, Manhatten Eye Studio, Tukami, DKNY, Flexon Titanium, Marchon, Luxottica, Rayban, Versace, Vogue, and Nike to name a few.


Optically Superior Lenses for Best Vision and Eye Health
We supply a complete line of thin and lightweight lenses including Polycarbonate, Trivex, Mid-Index, Hi-Index 1.67 and 1.74 from leading manufacturers such as Essilor, Crizal, Nikon, Shamir, Transitions (R) , Varilux, and Zeiss.  All lenses are Ultra-Violet (UVA and UVB) absorptive, and are available with your choice of various Anti-Relective Coatings, including the newest AR, the Crizal Sapphire with 3M ScothGard coating which does not crack, craze, or peel off the lens, and stays cleaner.


Custom Sunwear and Sunglass Lenses

If you need sunglasses, we offer customized prescription sun lenses, including Polarized and Mirror Lenses which are UVA and UVB absorptive and include a back surface AR, which is commonly available on premium non-prescription sunwear.  These lenses can be manufactured for any frame we carry and the most popular sport or athletic frames that "wrap around the eyes" which provide maximal sun protection.  You can choose a frame from our inventory or provide us your favorite frame and we can manufacture the lenses for you.  Should you have a favorite sport frame with scratched lenses, we can supply new polarized and/or mirror lenses with or without prescription.



Diabetic and LASIK Eye Exam Services 
Diabetic Eye Exams
Part of managing diabetes is to have an annual eye exam, retinal exam, and retinal photographs to monitor the development of diabetic retinopathy.  This type of eye exam may be covered by your medical insurance, even if you do not wear eyeglasses or contact lenses.   Coverage varies with each insurance company.
Our Optometrists participate with Laser Centers in all states in delivering Lasik consultations, and pre and post operative exams.  In the Austin Metro Area, our Optometrists are affiliates of Eye Lasik Austin.





Lasik Annual Post-Operative Follow-Up Eye Exams

To maintain your life time enhancement policy, most laser centers require you to have annual eye exams following your surgery.  Your Optomerist will provide this eye exam service.  
Medical and Vision Insurance 
Medical Insurance
Each eye doctor accepts most medical plans for treatment of disease and injury including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Great West, Humana, PHCS, United Health Care, and Medicare ... Insurance We Accept.
Vision Insurance
We are optometrists for vision plans that cover exams for routine vision and eye exams, contact lens exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses including Davis Vision,  Eyetopia Vision Care, Eyemed, Superior Vision and Vision Service Plan (VSP) ... Insurance We Accept 





James Dugas, O.D.
New Address
1000 W. 39th St.
Austin, Tx 78756
Tel  512-458-5400
Fax 512-452-0015
Convenient and Free Parking in front of building.
Previous Address 
5555 N. Lamar Blvd
Suite E115
Austin, Texas 78751
Our new location is convenient to Seton Medical Center, the University of Texas at Austin.
Primary service area includes the zip codes of 78751, 78752, 78756, 78757, 78722, 78723, 78705, 78701.
Secondary service area includes zip codes of 78721, 78724 and 78753.



We Moved Our Office in 2010



1000 W. 39th St.
Austin, Tx 78756
Driving Directions
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Locate Our Building
Our building is located on the Northwest corner of W. 39th St. and N. Lamar Blvd.  We are across the street (N. Lamar) The Heart Hospital of Austin.